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Digital Marketing: What, Why, And How

Dive into Digital Marketing and figure out the why’s, how’s, and what’s of this formidable marketing strategy to meet relentless successes.

As the world continues to advance into the digital scheme of things, new marketing strategies are also needed. Keeping updated with the latest trends, and figuring out how to draw attention from people in the best possible way is crucial.

Digital marketing is a fantastic way to market in such a dynamic and digital world. But what is digital marketing exactly? Read further ahead to learn more. 

What is Digital Marketing?

By definition, digital marketing is any form of marketing that exists digitally, and most of the time, this will be online.  

Digital Marketing takes into consideration all the efforts that use electronic devices or the internet. Digital channels are used for leveraging businesses. This includes search engines, social media, Gmail / Email, and other relevant websites that can allow companies to connect with current and potential customers.   

Broadly speaking, a digital marketing agency provides immense benefits to organisations that choose to implement it. It is relatively a much more cost-effective solution to provide you with a world full of opportunities to ensure that you are getting the best value for your money.          

Digital Marketing is widely used in our current age as we progress into a more technological world. Most of the target audiences reside in the vast world of the internet. So, it is undoubtedly a great space to market your services to gain more attention than you usually would gain from traditional marketing systems. 

Consumers, customers, and individuals of all sorts rely heavily on the internet for product research. This is reflected in the percentage of people using the internet to study products – 48% of consumers search their enquiries on various online search engines, 33% go to brand websites, and 26% search in mobile applications, according to Think with Google marketing insights

Importance of Digital Marketing and its Benefits

It is no surprise that Digital Marketing is becoming a more popular option amongst multiple businesses and organisations as more of their target audience can be reached easily, efficiently, and effectively through online means.

More so, digital marketing can be seen as quite essential in modern times. They come with their fair share of benefits as well. It is a valuable asset for any business growth. Digital marketing helps organisations establish an authoritative online presence for themselves. 

Approximately 89% of marketers agree that methods like SEO are successful when it comes to marketing. On top of that, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising increases brand awareness by around 80%. So, as you can see, digital marketing is quite effective as a marketing strategy. (source)

The following is what makes digital marketing so important in our day and age:

  • You can reach people where they spend most of their time and money.  

With how fast the internet is growing, more people are spending their time online. It’s become almost an integral part of our everyday lives to conduct searches, keep up to date with the latest trends, use social media, and purchase goods online.

A large portion of your target market is online, shedding light on the importance of digital marketing. Likewise, these people are browsing the internet and will potentially look for your products and services. If these people can’t find you online due to a lack of online presence, the likelihood of losing your target market to your competitors is very high. 

Therefore, to be successful, you will need to build up a solid online presence. That way, you will reach more leads that want your products and services.

  • Competitors are already stealing your target customers.

Competitors are likely to have implemented digital marketing as their strategy, taking the online platform to their full advantage to reach new leads.

To outcompete your competitors, you need to at least get to their level and then do more than them. Therefore, by neglecting digital marketing, you have essentially already lost the competition.

Your competitors are gaining the attention that could have been yours. But since there is no digital marketing, customers won’t know that your business is an option and will proceed to go with the competitor. Therefore, it is more or less essential that you implement digital marketing at the very least to get your target customers to consider purchasing from you at all.

Thus, to keep up with your competitors and to outcompete them, you must invest in digital marketing.

  • Compete with Larger Corporations.

Competition is arguably the most challenging thing a business has to face against bigger corporations; it’s really difficult to compete with them. Not only do they already have a big name for themselves, but their customers have their complete trust in them too.

The only fighting chance you have against bigger corporations is by digital marketing. Your business can reach interested leads and customers with the same methods as more giant corporations.

Methods like SEO and PPC advertising create a level for the competing field. Using PPC can help rank ads on google based on relevancy too. Even if more prominent corporations bid twice as much as you per click for the commonly chosen keyword, it won’t guarantee them the top spot. On top of that, they can’t buy a top-ranking ad spot because the rank is based on the relevancy of your ad.

This creates promising opportunities for smaller to mid-sized organisations to compete with larger companies. Creating content that is more relevant to the selected keywords than your competitors will give you a good chance of avoiding getting outranked.

Therefore, digital marketing is an excellent opportunity for your business to compete and thrive against larger companies to gain more relevant leads.

  • Target your Specific Audience.

You’re more likely to target your specific audience through means of digital marketing. You can market directly to the people that are interested in your services and goods through digital marketing. 

Targeting is more precise with digital marketing than with traditional forms of marketing, as you can input important information about your target audience and utilise that information to shape your campaigns for digital marketing.

Segmenting the audience is possible, too, so you can drive better results with your campaign. More relevant leads can be reached that may be interested in your campaigns.

  • Monitor and Optimise Campaigns for the best results.

Digital marketing enables you to track, monitor and optimise your campaigns really easily. On top of that, you will be able to view metrics such as impressions, clicks, likes, shares, comments, and other information of interactions with your campaign. Additionally,  you can fix and adapt to changes easier too when you track your campaign’s performance using digital marketing tools.

Furthermore, you will easily see whether or not your campaign is successful or requires improvement. You can make almost immediate changes to allow you to get more out of the campaign, so you save a lot of budgets as well.

  • Impressive ROI (Return on Investment).

Digital Marketing is very cost-effective, leaving room for exceptional ROI since you don’t have to spend too much money running campaigns. It doesn’t cost too much to run PPC campaigns or even social media and ad campaigns compared to other traditional methods. This allows your business a chance to grow.

Digital marketing is an excellent opportunity for businesses and organisations to reach newer heights and simply grow. Valuable results are bound to implement digital marketing, whether the business is big or small.

While digital marketing has its solid importance in businesses of today, traditional marketing should still be implemented. Therefore, utilising all resources available to you is perhaps one of the wisest decisions a marketer can make, leaving no room for regret.

How to do Digital Marketing?

If you are interested in starting a career in digital marketing, then read on.

Digital marketing is a great career choice for our day and age. We live in a pretty advanced world where everyone heavily relies on digital means to do every menial task.

Therefore, companies have to increase their online presence to become successful, and a digital marketer can help you do just that. The digital marketing salary is pretty good, so consider working in this field.

The salary of a digital marketer is quite good, from approximately £18000 to £22000 annually for entry-level jobs and £30000 when you’re more experienced. So, as you can see, digital marketing is genuinely an excellent career to get yourself into, plus quite promising.

You can learn more about digital marketing through various courses or simply completing qualifications related to marketing.

Other than that, these few simple steps will help you pursue a career in digital marketing in no time:

  • Familiarise yourself with the basics of digital marketing.

You can do this by completing courses in digital marketing. You can gain qualifications in marketing, and gain experience in the marketing field.

  • Open up your website.

Doing this will help you gain more confidence and skill in digital marketing. So, you can apply the skills you learned from your lessons and build up some more experience from there.

  • Specialise in SEO.

Build up your skills and slowly start to specialise in each of them. SEO is one such skill that will highly benefit you, so specialising in this is wise. Therefore, you can gradually build a career in SEO once you gain enough experience and knowledge as well.

  • Receive a Google Ads Certification.

A part of a digital marketers responsibility is to use Google Ads to promote businesses products or services in various google properties or websites on the internet.

To acquire the skills you need as a digital marketer in the fastest way possible, getting a Google Ads Certification is the way. Google has a lot of resources to offer to help you become an expert at Google Ads. On top of that, the certification will be an excellent way to prove to your clients or employers that you have competent skills in digital marketing.

  • Gain expertise in Facebook Ads Advertising.

Social media is a great way to advertise campaigns as most of your target audience are on here. Therefore, getting exposure on Facebook by using their advertising tool can help you attract potential clients.

  • Achieve expertise in Google Analytics.

A digital marketing professional needs to know their way around google analytics. A key characteristic of digital marketing campaigns is that everything can be measured.

Also, you can make informed decisions based on accurate data. Additionally, you can analyse results when needed to measure the effectiveness of your campaign.

  • Start a job as a freelance digital marketer.

Gaining experience with clients will force you to set up procedures and improve analytics and reporting skills. You will learn how to handle budgets, and more. So, this will prepare you for the real deal when you go job hunting. Look at a digital marketing job description to broaden your understanding of these matters. Therefore, Digital marketing jobs won’t be that difficult to get into with our help.

You’d gain plenty of experience in digital marketing, as well as the confidence to pursue further with this field. Additionally, there are different types of digital marketing which you can also learn about from our exclusive courses. 

June 27, 2022

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